So it appears I am getting alot of requests to do particular costumes for Thorn. Having done some research, this place will be where I decide if I will make the character or not. If declined, your going to have to do it yourself I'm afraid... Anyway, let's begin. These are from a mixture of PM's and comments

Prinny Thorn - Completed and Showcased.
Moogle Thorn - Accepted.
Leviathan Thorn - Completed.
Putti Thorn W/ White Snake - Looks Challenging, accepted.
Cavewoman Thorn - Completed as Ayla Thorn
Duck Thorn - Add a DARKWING before the duck, and it's a done deal.
Feebas Thorn - Accepted, but Milotic Thorn will be showcased first.
Axe Wielding Thorn - 'Tis a weapon, and hyrulian thorn has already been used. This will just come in time naturally.
Easter Thorn - Cream'ed Thorn is pretty much a match for this already.
Santa Thorn - Wait, what? There's already a Jolly Christmas Thorn which has her as an Elf, you seriously want to see her wear a fat suit and put on a fake beard? Re-request if that is so.
Bee Thorn - Completed as Vespiquen Thorn.
Ninja Thorn - Shiek Thorn fits the bill, but I presume you mean the full black ninja look, I'll accept that.
Indy Thorn - Accepted, I'll do that famous scene as well for the showcase.
MIB Thorn - Wouldn't it be WIB? Accepted. Although you won't remember seeing it.
Genjero Thorn - Completed.
Harpuia Thorn - Series reference please?
Captain Falcon (Punch) Thorn - I suppose this one is to be accepted...
Ultima Thorn - MORE final fantasy, what is with you guys? Hmm... I'll accept this one though, you got lucky.
Bridget Thorn - This was from Shadow the Unborn via MSN. I'll do this one, for comedic reasons.
Yoshi Thorn - Already Done
Skarmory Thorn - THAT would be what the early concept for Dramen AX was, although it needs an overhaul. I suppose this should be attempted.
Painter Thorn - I'll try Paintroller Thorn
Sneasal Thorn - Yeah, alright.
Mime Thorn - Again. I shall do this one.
Justice Thorn - I'll do this...

Alright, Suggestions are closed for now. If I take anymore. I have a feeling I won't be able to even do them.