Ok, so by now, you guys are probably thinking, "What is the point of this?" Well, lemme explain.

We are entering the dreaded period otherwise known as exams. And keeping a consistent update period will be alot harder than normal. So in case that fails. This is back-up series which I intend to update whenever I get the free time to do so. It's quick and easy, and I'm sure it's going to make you laugh.

There is a further purpose though. After the Exam Period ends, I'm planning on creating a brand new Adventure Comic series. It's going to have an Epic (And rather bizarre) Storyline aswell as utilising various game mechanics in combination of eachother to provide some hilarious results. However, for it to happen, 100 alternatives will be required. It's a steep number, for sure. But I'm quite convinced it's possible. You'll enjoy the series aswell.

So, what's the benefits of contributing to the series?

-Garunteed Cameo in upcoming series, possibly not gender warped aswell.
-All alternatives (IN REASON) will be used in this series, so you will contribute to it.
-Create enough alts, and I will do one for your character in return.
-On-going contest, prizes will be given out to the winner (In other words, the person who created the best alt from now till the 100th alt. (Minus any creations by me of course).
- It will be fun!

Go check the wanted page for some starter ideas. Otherwise check the listings to make sure your idea isn't already done. Good luck! Wish me some Good Luck as well, as this is a MAJOR task.